Time for another giveaway!

Nepetatier’s 900 Follower Giveaway!!!


-Two packages of your choice

-One bonus package

Second Place

-One package of your choice

-A bonus package of your choice

Third place

-A bonus package of your choice

I’m so glad that I finally reached 900 followers! I have been waiting months and saving up a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY for my next giveaway and this is the perfect chance to give away some awesome fandom stuff!!


1. You must be following me in order to participate! I will be checking!

2. I will ship anywhere in the world!

3. Regarding the Hometuck package - I will be willing to make horns UP TO THREE FEET LONG - I have made Nitram horns in the past and they have all been light weight and successful but shipping them won’t be as easy so I’m going to put a limit to that :c

4. You will need to be comfortable giving me measurements so I can make you a cosplay that fits perfectly. 

5. The reason why there is not a Dangan Ronpa Bonus package is because there isn’t enough merchandise to have an additional one - Dangan Ronpa cosplay is REALLY EXPENSIVE. 



So for ergonomic reasons and the fact that I can’t see 3D, I’ve recently gotten myself a 2DS.  This leaves me with this Blue Pokemon XY 3DSXL which I figured I’d give away since trying to sell it hasn’t proven very fruitful.

Specifically there’s the System itself, the box, the AR cards, a charger, and basically everything that came with the system other than the Club Nintendo code.

Rules are simple, you get two entries, one reblog and a like.  On November 9th I’ll dump the entries into an RNG and give it to the person who pops out.

If you’re following me I’ll throw in a $20 code of the Nintendo e-Shop as a bonus!

Have fun and good luck


TentacleAnbroid’s First giveaway!

Hey guys, this is my first giveaway in honor of me hitting 100 followers

I’ll be doing another giveaway soon on my main blog so look out for that one too


Any 2 of the following 

  • Team Rocket hoodie (in black or white)
  • Snk scouting Cape
  • Snk scouting Jackets 
  • Any item on etsy under $30
  • Candy of your choosing 
  • Any item off under $30

The Rules:

  • Reblogs and Likes only count once 
  • You don’t have to follow me 
  • But if you do or if you follow Dirkfromstatefarm, you get something extra
  • I rather you not use side blogs but I can’t really check so whatever
  • Giveaway ends January 1st

Go forth young ones and have a wonderful day